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5 Best Twitter Automation Tools and their Power Features

Social media marketers know how much overwhelming social media can actually be. Juggling between tens of social platforms at the same time is something that consumes a great deal of hours every day. It is very crucial for a brand’s digital presence and takes up much more than just a full-time job to manage them, specifically when the audience grows. Like all the other social sites, Twitter demands undivided attention too. If you fail to utilize it properly, your hours of energy could go in vain without accomplishing anything. In case you don’t have much time to engage with your audience manually, you have an option to use Twitter automation tools to do the tedious task.

Numerous tools are available out there for automating your Twitter account and getting real and free Twitter followers. While some of them just make your account appear like an announcement bulletin board, others will contribute and bring the right amount of engagement that will make your account grow.

We have scanned the complete list and picked up the 5 best Twitter automation tools that you can use to add value to your Twitter marketing strategy. Just make sure that you use them in an appropriate manner! 

1. TweetFull – A tried and tested Twitter growth hacking tool

TweetFull - twitter automation bot tool

TweetFull is an amazing Twitter automation tool that has proven records of increasing followers on one’s Twitter account. It has a comprehensive list of features that will lead to a rapid rise in levels of engagement and increase your brand’s visibility. 

Let’s have a look at all the power-packed features of TweetFull that serve as a great hack to increase Twitter followers.

Copy Followers Promotion:

This feature allows you to copy the followers of your competitors. You have to provide the names of accounts whose followers you would like to copy. TweetFull will then engage with the followers of those accounts, and like and retweet their tweets as well as follow them. This way, your account will be made visible to them and they will likely follow you back.

Keyword Promotion:

In this promotion, you have to provide the keyword and hashtags that you want to target. TweetFull will look for tweets that have those keywords mentioned, and will take actions of like, retweet and follow based on the other criteria that you set. You can set the minimum and maximum limits for all the actions.

Unfollow Promotion:

Imagine the amount of following count that would increase when you keep following the accounts that are not following you back or not engaging with you on a regular basis. These kinds of accounts are only adding up to the number of following, thus it is better to get rid of them. Using the Unfollow promotion feature, you can quickly filter out such accounts at once.

Influence them Promotion:

Through this promotion, you will be able to build engagement on your account by liking and retweeting the posts of your favorite influencers. You just need to provide the target accounts, keywords, and the frequency of other parameters related to liking and retweeting. When you continuously retweet the tweets of influencers, there are huge chances that they notice and interact with your account in return.

TweetFull - twitter automation bot tool

Sentiment based filtering of tweets:

TweetFull allows you to set a sentiment score of the tweets that you would like to interact with. This is extremely helpful when you do not want to engage with tweets that have a negative tone. Setting a higher sentiment score will make sure that your account engages only with tweets that have a positive impact. 

Manage multiple Twitter accounts:

From a single dashboard, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts using TweetFull. It can help you when you are an agency that takes care of the growth of your clients’ accounts.

Check your reports and activities:

You can check all the activities that are taken from your account – categorized as per different promotions you create. A link is also provided beside every action taken, which you can follow to check the tweet which is liked or retweeted. The reports section will show you detailed charts of all the promotions that you can filter according to dates. 

Free trial:

TweetFull provides a free trial period in which you can access all the features without any restrictions. The plans are also pocket friendly and customized to cater to the needs of different types of users.


TweSocial - TweetFull - twitter automation bot tool

TweSocial is another Twitter automation tools that claim to provide you organic followers. When you sign up, a manager is assigned to assist you in growing your account. Targeting is done on the basis of following points:

  • Hashtags: Use the hashtags that can be possibly used by your target audience.
  • Usernames: Enter the Twitter handle of the people you want to target.
  • Location: Select the city or country from which you want the targeted people to be.
  • Gender: You can choose to target people on the basis of their gender too.

TweSocial does not offer a free trial period, but the pricing plans are budget-friendly. The service is available in two packages – the basic and the premium one. They provide great customer service and address every query quickly. It is easy to operate and engage with people who will be probably interested in your products or services, which can improve your lead generation.

3. Tweriod – A tool to analyze your followers on Twitter

Tweriod - TweetFull - twitter automation bot tool

Tweriod is one of free Twitter tools that helps you make the most out of your Twitter account by letting you know the best time to tweet. They analyze the tweets that you make and also the tweets of your followers. 

They fetch the list of your followers and analyze the last 200 tweets. Reports are generated on the basis of what they tweet every day at different times periods. But, they do not check the tweets of people who have protected their tweets, as it is the violation of Twitter’s policies.

The maximum limit of followers analyzed is 5000 (which is 1000 for the free plan). It takes quite a long time to generate the report, but you can use it to find out the best time to tweet and reach the maximum number of people. Also, if you wish to know what kind of content your audience is posting, Tweriod can help you out.

The more you know about your followers and about their activities and interests, the better you can cater to their content needs. It is not suitable for medium or large scale business. But if you have a small business or a startup, you can definitely find out valuable insights about your audience. 

4. Tweet Old Posts (Revive old posts)

Tweet old post -  TweetFull

A plugin available for WordPress Users, Tweet Old Posts (Revive old posts) is a tool using which you can connect your Twitter account with your blog and tweet posts from your archives. Below are the features of this Twitter automation tool:

  • Automatically share new and old posts to Twitter
  • Autoshare to Twitter with the publishing of a blog post
  • Choose the time gap between the sharing of posts
  • Create common hashtags
  • Choose the number of posts that will be shared to Twitter
  • Select the maximum and minimum age of posts that will be eligible for sharing
  • Insert links that take people back to your website
  • Integrate with Google analytics and track the increase in traffic

When you continuously post your old tweets, just make sure that you exclude the posts which are time-sensitive. For example, the post that contains a discount coupon that already expired in the past. You can create a category that consists of all your best posts, and you will not have to worry about any unwanted tweet going on your feed. 

When you purchase the pro version, you can share multiple variations of your posts and add custom images. Also, you can share to multiple social media accounts like Instagram and Tumblr

5. TweetStats – A Twitter tool to generate reports

TweetStats- TweetFull

This tool is a good option when you want to keep a track of activities taken on your Twitter account. Particularly, when your Twitter account is handled by an employee or another agency, you will be able to see what they are actually doing on the account. On the other hand, if you are an agency, you can show this as a part of your Twitter report to the client.

When you go to the website, you just need to provide your Twitter username and click on “Graph My Tweets!” button. It will give the following information in the form of bar graphs:

  • Your Tweet Timeline: It shows the total number of tweets you made each month for the last 3 years and their average. You can click on any month and see the stats for that particular period.
  • Average daily tweets: The average of tweets that you make – bifurcated according to days of the week.
  • Average hourly tweets: The average of tweets that you make at a particular time of a day.
  • Interface used: The interface that you use for uploading the tweets. For example, Twitter Web app.
  • Who you retweet: The twitter handles of people whose tweets you retweet the most.
  • Replies to: The usernames of people on whose tweets you reply the most.

The Bottom Line

Now, you have the list of all the power-packed Twitter automation tools that you can use to make the most out of this amazing social media platform. Find out the best combination according to the features you need, and you will observe maximum growth and returns as a result of your efforts. Twitter is a really powerful platform to generate genuine leads, so make sure that you do not miss out on its fruits! 

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