Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TweetFull?

TweetFull is a tried and tested growth hacking tool for Twitter, which adheres to all the requirements for growing your account / brand on Twitter’s platform.

Trusted by over 40,000 businesses, TweetFull helps you get engagement by auto-liking and auto-retweeting the potential customer’s tweets. It also follows relevant accounts - all using your Twitter account.

All these actions ensure that curiosity will be created among people and they will be driven to check your account too!

If they like your account, they are bound to follow you back. If not, TweetFull also provides an Unfollow tool, which will automatically unfollow the spam accounts along with those who do not follow you back or engage with your account.

2. How does TweetFull work?

Whenever you create a Campaign, TweetFull engages with accounts on the basis of the parameters filled in, such as keywords, hashtags, account screen names and many others.

Engagement is created in 3 ways - auto like, auto retweet and auto follow. These actions are taken with accounts having the most appropriate match with your criteria.

3. Why should I use it?

Ever wonder what does it take to appear in the trending section of Twitter? While some topics are always on the top, some just do not make the cut. Twitter determines a trend on the basis of engagement.

A trend is basically a hashtag directed topic which gains popularity in a very less time period. With an average lifespan of only 18 minutes, it is quite a challenge to make your post gain visibility in a flood of tweets.

We understand that with so much on your plate, getting the time to make people interact with your tweet can be daunting. Thus, you can use TweetFull for creating relevant engagement, bring more and more people notice your account and grow on Twitter.

If you are a business, it can help in making people aware about your product or services , and you can even expect people to convert into customers.

4. How many Twitter accounts can I add in one TweetFull account?

During the free trial period, you can connect only one Twitter account. When you want to upgrade, you can choose a plan according to the number of Twitter accounts you wish to connect. We provide plans for connecting upto 25 accounts.

5. Can I pause a Campaign and start it again?

Yes, due to any reasons, if you are not able to operate your TweetFull account or keep a check on the progress of Campaigns, you can pause them and resume whenever you wish to. No progress will be lost in such cases.

6. Does TweetFull use my credentials for personal purposes?

TweetFull does not use your account information for any personal or professional uses. You are only required to connect your Twitter account and make a Twitter developer app so that TweeFull can undertake activities on your behalf.

7. Can I recover a deleted Campaign?

No, a Campaign can not be recovered after it’s deleted. So, be completely sure before deleting it. You can always opt for making edits or pausing a Campaign in case of any errors.

8. Can I recover a deleted account?

An account once deleted can not be recovered under any circumstances. All the Campaign activities and reports related to the account will be lost. You will have to sign up and carry out the entire process if you wish to use TweetFull again.

9. How do I select a plan which is beneficial for me?

We have made different plans on the basis of the number of Twitter accounts that you want to connect. Every plan is precisely designed to cater diverse requirements. Browse through the entire range from ‘My Account’ section in settings and select the one which suits you the best.

10. How can I contact TweetFull in case of any query?

While being on TweetFull’s website, you will see a green tab on the right hand side lower corner. Whenever you have a query, you can chat with our customer representative by tapping on that button.

If it shows ‘offline’, simply click on it and fill in a short form requiring your name, email and message. Submit it and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

11. Will my account be considered as bot if I use this tool?

TweetFull only engages with the people that fall into the category of your target audience. The auto likes, auto retweets, and auto follows are all a part of creating engagement and making your account visible to others.

As all the tasks are also reversed after a specific time period, a balance is maintained. Thus, you can freely use the tool as your account will not be considered as a bot.