Like any other social media site, your Twitter handle/username is your identity on Twitter’s platform. The username can contain a maximum of 15 characters, and appear like “[handle]” in the visitor’s browser bar.   As you know that there are 330 million monthly active users on Twitter, it is now quiteContinue Reading

Twitter marketing

Twitter marketing is a great way to boost your product sales, but things move very rapidly on the platform. You might find it hard to generate actual leads and sales on Twitter.  Social media has reshaped the way we think about marketing strategies. Gone are the days when people wereContinue Reading

twitter influencers

Celebrity endorsements or dedicated bloggers are no longer the only source of Twitter influencer marketing. As consumers, our generation no longer believes in fluffy marketing tactics. With too many celebs popping up every now and then claiming that they use a particular brand’s products; we have become numb to allContinue Reading

twitter for business

Social media lead generation is something which is a part of every business’s marketing strategy – and using Twitter for getting leads is no exception. Twitter is not just for sharing thoughts and opinions, liking, retweeting or replying on other tweets – it is also a successful platform for generatingContinue Reading

Twitter trending topics

What is a “Twitter trending topic”? A ‘twitter trending’ is a hashtag driven topic that becomes popular and crowd-pleasing at a given point of time. A topic becomes a trend either when people put combined efforts or because of any event/situation that makes people talk about a thing. Twitter usesContinue Reading

Twitter engagement - TweetFull

“One great way to measure your success on Twitter is the level of engagement that your tweet gets.” Twitter has grown rapidly since its outset, and there is a reason why it is one of the top 3 social media platforms across the world. Using this platform strategically can straightContinue Reading