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Getting started

Learn how to get started with TweetFull, connect your Twitter account, create a developer app, and avail your free 14 days trial period.

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tweetfull copyfollower promotions

Copy Follower Promotion

A copy followers promotion allows you to copy the followers of your competitors.

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Keyword Promotion

A keyword promotion will allow you to engage with people who tweet using the hashtags and keywords of your preference.

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tweetfull unfollow promotions

Unfollow Promotion

Unfollow the people you are following that are not worth following.

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Influence Them Promotion

Build engagement on your account by automatically liking and retweeting the tweets of your favorite influencers.

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tweetfull editing promotions

Editing Promotions

If you feel that you made some error while creating a promotion, or want to edit a value or range in any of the fields, you can do that anytime.

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Analyzing Activities

After you have successfully made a promotion, and it is live and running, you can check what actions are being taken and how it is performing. Wait for about half an hour after the promotion has been made to check the activity status.

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tweetfull reports

Examining Reports

The reports section portrays a graphical representation of the progress of your Twitter account. It shows how many tweets are liked, retweeted, how many accounts are followed and more such information distinguished on the basis of dates.

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A Tweet Full promotion is a marketing campaign that allows you to target potential leads from Twitter in a particular niche. You just need to specify which keywords you want us to search for and what kind of people you want to engage with.