Exploring the Power of Twitter: The Social Experiments of a Tech Entrepreneur

Osni tried to automate the process by emulating existing strategies, but he didn't have the time or resources to build his own tool. He also tried using some existing tools, but wasn't happy with the results. What he wanted was a tool that could help him gain real followers without much effort on his part.

The Solution: Tweetfull Automation Strategy

That's when he discovered Tweetfull, an automation strategy specifically designed to help users gain real followers. After trying the free trial, Osni was impressed by the results he saw in the first week.

He particularly liked the copy followers and unfollow campaigns, and has been using Tweetfull for over three years now. He uses the copy follower campaign to get like-minded people who are following an influencer in his industry. He uses the unfollow campaign to remove followers who are not in his niche.

The Results

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One of the biggest advantages of using Tweetfull, according to Osni, is the significant amount of time it saves him. The automation strategies have helped him consistently increase his follower count without having to spend hours manually following and unfollowing accounts.

In addition to its time-saving benefits, Osni also appreciates the low-maintenance nature of the tool. Once he sets it up, he can sit back and let it do the work for him.

He also likes that he can choose the types of followers he wants, which helps him gain followers who are genuinely interested in his content.


Overall, Osni's experience with Tweetfull has been very positive. He credits the tool with helping him build credibility on Twitter and saving him a significant amount of time in the process. If you're looking to gain real followers on Twitter without putting in a lot of effort, Tweetfull might be worth considering.