Hate marketing? Love creating?

Escape the Twitter Time-Suck
*Not the Twitter growth!

Many visionaries, creators, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, and service providers HATE one thing:

That’s marketing!

Sure! Marketing, advertising, and promoting are absolutely needed for your ideas to reach people. After all, even books like Harry Potter needed to be marketed to get a worldwide following.

*Good ideas & solutions + Great Campaign = Grand success *

You may hate it. But that’s the truth.

Building great stuff and having great ideas won’t cut in anymore. You’ve to market to attract the right tribe.

Even social media platforms like Twitter are no exception. You have to constantly engage on their platforms. So you can get consistent results and great followers.


But the problems?

Keeping up with the Twitter algorithm?
Spending more time just for engagement?
Getting sucked into the mindless scrolling?

Yep! Twitter like any social media is designed to keep you addicted to the platform. While we certainly can’t ignore these platforms, because they:


Open up a world of opportunities
Give you more credibility
Give an ego boost
Make your ideas popular
Make you wealthy too

So how to leverage Twitter and yet escape the time-suck?

Tweetfull is your answer.

The Visionaries Behind Tweetfull

Mani Maran

The Visionaries Behind Tweetfull

Tweetfull was developed way back in 2013 by a team with a visionary idea to help people save time. It had helped over 95,876 brands

In 2020, Mani Maran, a software engineer in the US turned entrepreneur acquired this tool as he felt the tool can be a blessing for digital creators. But it wasn’t leveraged to the fullest.

Because he too had the same problem as most entrepreneurs. He loved to build products and share ideas.

But he hated marketing!

And at the same time, he was aware that without marketing any business will never flourish.

Because back in 2009, Mani had first-hand experience of quitting entrepreneurship and going back to his software engineering job. He started a restaurant business with a fantastic location advantage. Yet, he had to quit it and among other reasons, it was marketing that he missed big time.

But once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, Mani was back again to the entrepreneurial game soon. Now, he is on a mission to help software engineers and entrepreneurs like him succeed.

The Visionaries Behind Tweetfull
The Tweetfull

As a first step, he decided to buy Tweetfull.

And ever since he took over, Tweetfull has witnessed a sea change in the updates and services.

From offering monthly plans to improving the UX experience to eliminating account locks, and adding a host of features, Mani made sure his engineering team is on their toes to make sure Tweetfull customers get the best growth for the bang.

Plus, he also realized that many automation tools are focussed only on the number of followers, not the quality of followers.

So he made absolutely sure that Tweetfull works in building only real and right followers.

The result?

Tweetfull has become the ONLY automation tool that gets you REAL, RIGHT & RAVING FOLLOWERS who contribute to your growth.

Our Team

Fun Trivia: Mani started the restaurant business just to bring her sister from India to America. His friends would joke, “Mani if you need to eat, you should just go to the hotel, not buy a hotel!”

So are you ready to:

Grow Your Twitter With Real, Right, & Raving Followers Without Wasting Hours & Hours To Please The Twitter Algo Gods? So You Can Spend Time On Things That Matter The Most In Your Life.

Try Tweetful Get real, right, raving followers.