How a start-up agency used Tweetfull as a lead generation tool

John Winters owns a no-code agency that helps people build their own apps, as well as building apps for others. As the owner of a no-code agency, John assists entrepreneurs and small business owners in building their own start-ups and tools.

His agency has become a valuable resource for anyone looking to create their own app without the need for coding experience. Additionally, John's agency provides app-building services to clients who prefer to outsource the work.

The Challenge: Bringing in leads for the start-up agency

The agency was in startup mode and didn't have many clients. Despite their limited clientele, they were determined to succeed and expand their reach to more businesses. In November 2021, John created a Twitter account to promote their services and attract potential customers.

"However, the response was not as expected, and they realized that building a social media audience from scratch would take significant effort and time. Manual growth would have taken several years, and they needed a more efficient way to increase their visibility and engagement with potential clients.

"To achieve this, they decided to invest in social media marketing services and work with professionals who could help them build a strong online presence and connect with their target audience more effectively.

The Solution: Connecting with real, relevant followers via Tweetfull

John had previously used social media automation tools on LinkedIn for other businesses he ran before, building 5-6K connections, and was looking for a similar tool for Twitter. He Googled "Twitter automation tool" and found Tweetfull.

He wanted to assess the impact within the trial period. Since it was a free trial, it was a no-lose situation. Setting up the account didn't take much time. There was anxiety that automated tools might get him locked by Twitter, but he quickly got comfortable.

His audience are entrepreneurs building their own start-ups and small businesses looking to create their own tools. He followed people who followed Bubble and people he respected in that space. During the free trial, he saw engagement beginning to lift.

The Results: Getting leads through Twitter

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His account has grown by 4000 followers in the last 12 months, with most attributable to Tweetfull. "There were many instances when Tweetful followed a person, and the person in turn followed me, and DMed me asking for one of the services I provide," says John.

Nowadays, they are generating leads through Twitter and converting them. Having a substantial number of quality followers adds authenticity and credibility to their profile.

Tweetfull features that he likes

  • He likes the ability to fine-tune the settings to make sure he only gets real and relevant followers and doesn't get fake accounts.
  • Tweetfull is a big-time saver. "Its a one-time set and forget tool," John says. He gets reminders from Tweetfull if the followers list is exhausted and if he needs to make any changes to his settings. It takes a couple of minutes to take care of it.
  • He likes the ability to fine-tune the settings to make sure he only gets real and relevant followers.